YHM Phantom Compensator/Flash Hider [1/2"-28 Thread AR-15]


The popular Phantom Flash Suppressor has been redesigned to work as a muzzle compensator while maintaining the excellent flash hiding capabilities of its predecessor. This 5 port design has no downward facing port which helps eliminate dust problems when shooting in the prone position. The 5C2 keeps the aggressive front end used in hand to hand situations, while the 5C1 features a smooth "No Snag" design. Threaded 1/2"-28. Includes crush washer.

Phantom 5.56mm Comp/Flash Hider Smooth SKU: YHM-28-5C1
Phantom 5.56mm Comp/Flash Hider Aggresive (Toothed) SKU: YHM-28-5C2
YHM Phantom Compensator/Flash Hider [1/2"-28 Thread AR-15]
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  • Item #: YHM-28-5C1 (5C2)
  • Manufacturer: Yankee Hill Machine
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