YHM Free Float 'Diamond' Forearm


These unique forearms feature diamond shaped heat vents, an extended top rail for gap-free installation, T marked rails to mark accessory locations, they accept our end caps, and utilize our anti-rotation screws for secure installation. The forearms and barrel nuts are made of 6061-T6 aluminum and hardcoated to military specifications. The jam nut and anti-rotation screws are steel and plated a matte black finish to match. Assemblies include: one jam nut, one barrel nut, two anti-rotation screws, and one forearm tube.

Carbine-Length SKU: YHM-9630-DX. Overall Length 7.2 Inches. Weight 12.6 oz.

Mid-Length SKU: YHM-9633-DX. Overall Length 9.2 Inches. Weight 15.2 oz.

Specter-Length SKU: YHM-9637-DX. Overall Length 9.675 Inches. Weight 15.9 oz.

Rifle-Length SKU: YHM-9635-DX. Overall Length 12.5 Inches. Weight 19.9 oz.

YHM Free Float 'Diamond' Forearm
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  • Item #: YHM-9630-DX (9633)(9637)(9635)
  • Manufacturer: Yankee Hill Machine
Price $145.50
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