Shooting Range Earmuffs and Glasses

TRADESMART Shooting Range Earmuffs and Glasses – Ear and Eye Protection for The Gun Range with Protective Case, – UV400 Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Clear and Tinted Safety Glasses – NRR 28 (Pink)

WHAT YOU GET IN THE SET… Pink NRR 28 Earmuffs, Clear Shooting Glasses, 5X Earplugs and Travel Case
PROTECT YOUR EARS FROM BALLISTIC SOUND… with Tigerz-28 ANSI rated NRR 28 noise reduction ear muffs
GLASSES DESIGNED TO FIT WITH EARMUFFS… means 100% comfort and shielded gun range protection
TAKE AIM WITH CLEAR VISION… anti-fog, scratch-resistant high impact glasses; aim with 100% clarity

Shooting Range Earmuffs and Glasses
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