JARD 3lb Adjustable Single Stage Trigger with Weighted Hammer


Single-stage trigger kit reduces pull weight to improve accuracy, without gunsmith fitting. 2, 3, and 4.5 lb. models provide the perfect pull weight for hunting or competition. Adjustments for sear engagement, trigger over-travel, disconnector engagement and safety lets you achieve a smooth, consistent trigger pull. Sear engagement point located behind the hammer improves leverage to reduce pull weight; low mass hammer gives faster lock time. Engagement surfaces are hardened and polished for a smooth, clean-breaking pull. Trigger requires gunsmith fitting in receivers with a sear block.

Weighted hammer ensures proper primer ignition with larger caliber rounds. Recommended for AR rifles in 7.62x39 caliber, or .308 Win.

Note: Instructions are included. However, this trigger requires a fair amount time, and a general understanding of the AR-15 trigger components to install and fine-tune properly. It is not a drop-in kit, but is an excellent trigger upgrade once set.

JARD 3lb Adjustable Single Stage Trigger with Weighted Hammer
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  • Item #: JARD-1566
  • Manufacturer: JARD, Inc.
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