DEZ Enhanced Rifle Buffer - AR-308 / AR-10 - 8.4 Oz

The DEZ Enhanced Rifle Buffer was manufactured to solve several issues present with standard .308 rifle buffers found in most stock rifles. The DZT-308RBSAT-8.4 buffer weighs 8.4 Oz, and is optimized to function with .308 barrels in the rifle-gas & mid-gas configuration. Other weighted versions are also available. This is the standard buffer that is included in all DEZ Match Grade AR-308 rifles, but was manufactured to universally fit in all rifle buffer tubes. The DZT-308RBSAT-8.4 dramatically improves the quality and function of any AR-308 rifle build in the following ways:

  • Decreases many failure to feed / failure to eject issues common with the AR-308 / AR-10
  • Reduces felt recoil when firing rifle
  • Eliminates buffer tilt or 'wobble' during cycle
  • Smoother action when operating the charging handle
  • Recessed buffer face prevents contact with buffer detent - no more damaged buffer face / broken buffer detents

Heavier versions of the DZT-308RBAT (8.4 Oz & 11.0 Oz) further reduce the felt recoil of the rifle, and will further reduce failure to feed / failure to eject issues, specifically on AR-308 / AR-10 rifles in the mid-gas and carbine-gas configuration.

This buffer is a drop-in part with any .308 rifle utilizing a rifle buffer tube. No modifications are necessary. Also available in 6.0 Oz. and 11.0 Oz.

DEZ Enhanced Rifle Buffer - AR-308 / AR-10 - 8.4 Oz
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  • Item #: DZT-308RBSAT-8.4
  • Manufacturer: DEZ Arms
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