AR-15 Nickel Boron Bolt [5.56MM/300BLK]


A Nickel Boron coated bolt for your AR-15. Works with 5.56MM, .223, and 300BLK (Blackout) cartridges. High quality 9310 steel bolt. Tight piston rings for correct function and virtually no gas leakage. MPI tested bolt. A pristine and reliable bolt for your AR-15 rifle!

Advantages of Nickel Boron:

Nickel Boron coatings are columnar in growth resulting in a distinct nodular topography which serves to reduce surface to surface contact of two mating / sliding surfaces reducing drag / friction. The nodular structure dissipates heat at greater efficiency due to greater surface area.

  • Harder surface results in less wear
  • Reduced Friction
  • Reduced Heat
  • Operates with little to no lubricant
  • Easy to Clean

Product Features:

  • 9310 Steel Bolt - MPI/HPT Tested
  • Bolt is completely coated in Nickel Boron
  • Nickel Boron Coated Extractor
  • Phosphate Coated Ejector
  • Correct Piston Ring Tightness

Detailed Specs:

Coating: Nickel Boron

AR-15 Nickel Boron Bolt [5.56MM/300BLK]
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